Marketing Department

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The Marketing Department provides resources to North Central Missouri College by promoting the institution’s mission through strategic communication, branding and design, event planning and promotion, and social media promotion.  We collaborate with faculty, staff, departments, student groups, and our community to ensure that NCMC’s story is told through various channels. 

Whether it’s designing a publication to enhance the student experience, brainstorming ideas to promote your department or event, or marketing any aspect of the College, the Marketing Department is available to help you with your marketing and advertising needs.  

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1301 Main St.
Trenton MO, 64683

Hours of Operation
8:00am to 4:30pm Monday – Friday
Select dates for closing can be found on our Academic Calendar



Megan Pester
Marketing Specialist
(660) 359-3948 ext.1416

Ryan Suttenfield
Sports Marketing Coordinator
(660) 359-3948 ext. 1422